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Borough of Manhattan Community College

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Borough of Manhattan Community College


Dr. Mahatapa Palit (she, her, hers) is currently an Associate Professor in the Business Management Department at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York.

She started her career in marketing research and went on to get a doctoral degree in business management with a focus on consumer behavior.

Before joining BMCC in 2003, she spent four years with a technology startup as its marketing director.

She has over ten years of experience in entrepreneurship education and a belief in the changing role of business in society. She is inspired by the role of entrepreneurs in bringing about social change and is the recipient of an interdisciplinary NEH grant with a focus on enriching entrepreneurship education with a humanistic context—a context where underrepresented community college students may explore their own sense of purpose, reflect on their learning, and draw parallels with their own life experiences. As a Co-PI of a grant from Kaufmann foundation, she enables her students to see themselves as researchers and scholars as they explore the entrepreneurial eco-system of their communities.  In 2016, she co-managed a grant involving BMCC and CUNY students that explored the role of performing arts and humanities on education, community, and economy using student voices and experiences to study the development of a creative campus. 

She loves to travel, appreciating the diversity of different cultures, yet never ceasing to be amazed at how we are still so similar.