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  • Posted in: VIL - Rural Girls

    Hi Directors, Does anyone have a good template for your Welcome message email or package you give to the parents once they registered their kids? This is my first year running this program, and will love to learn from you if you have a template you've ...

  • Posted in: VIL - Rural Girls

    I believe we are going to do 20$/week per camper in gift cards. It is more efficient than trying to contract with buses--social distancing and state camp guidelines have really restricted the number of students that can be on a bus from 40 to 18...so ...

  • Posted in: VIL - Rural Girls

    Hi Angela, I really like this idea. I usually contract for buses with one of our largest school districts. Since I am lacking registrations, I am looking to market to other feeder districts but can't provide bus transportation so thinking of promoting ...

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