Pitch For The Trades | Ask Me Anything

When:  Jul 22, 2021 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)

Join us for a free Ask Me Anything event! We'll discuss all things NACCE's Pitch For The Trades 2021 competition and answering questions like: 

  • How and where do I apply?
  • Who's eligible to apply?
  • How much can I win?
  • How do I win?
  • What makes for a winning pitch?
  • What's the timeline? 
  • Where is the competition? Is it in-person, virtual or both?‚Äč


Online Instructions:
Url: https://www.nacce.com/events/pitch-for-the-trades--ask-me-anything
Login: Register here to receive login details: https://www.nacce.com/events/pitch-for-the-trades--ask-me-anything