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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the live sessions?
Click on the "Today's Agenda" tab on the top menu bar. Then find the current session and click on the "join" button. Please note that you cannot access past or future sessions, only the currently scheduled session will be streaming. Please note, you must be registered for the conference and signed into NACCE meets to access live stream sessions!

How do I log in?
Click on the "Sign in" button in the top right corner. Enter in the email address and password associated with your account then click "log in"

I don't know my password / I've never logged in.
To set or reset your password, simply click on the "can't access account?" link on the log in page. Enter in your email address then check your email to receive a password reset link. Follow the prompts to creating a password, then log in!

How do I move from session to session?
Throughout the conference, you will need to navigate from virtual room to virtual room. Think of this the same way you would move from one physical room to another! To do this, simply click on the "Today's Agenda" on the top menu bar and select your session. Here are a few examples of how this works: 

Bill logged in, clicked on "join live session" and watched the morning mainstage session (and LOVED it!). Now he wants to join a breakout session. Bill clicks on "Today's Agenda", scrolls down to "Breakout Session One" and chooses the Workforce Development track, clicks on the "join session" button and engages in a dynamic session. Bill's friend is presenting during Breakout Session Two, but in another track. So Bill clicks on "Today's Agenda", scrolls down to Breakout Session Two and selects his friends session, in Academic Programs by clicking on the "join session" button.

Natalie does the same as Bill, but instead of joining a different session, she wants to stay for Breakout Session Two in the same track, Workforce Development. Natalie will simply leave that page up and open and the stream will continue. She'll see a hold slide in between sessions and when the session is scheduled to start, she will see and hear it on the same page!

I'd like to chat with colleagues, how can I do that?
Use the Slido box to the right of the video player. Click on the "Ideas" tab, type in the text field, add your name and send!

I'd like to ask a question, how can I do that?
Use the Slido box to the right of the video player. Click on the "Q&A" tab, type in the text field, add your name and send!

What sessions will be virtual?
All of the main stage sessions will be streamed live for the virtual attendees but the breakouts and networking sessions will be different (i.e. in-person attendees will attend in-person breakouts and networking sessions; virtual attendees will attend virtual breakouts and networking sessions). We believe this customized approach will provide the best experience for registrants.

Can in-person attendees access virtual sessions?
While we do plan to record our virtual breakout sessions and make these available post-conference, we would like in-person attendees to be present in the in-person breakouts. Recordings will be made available on NACCE Meets in late October. 

I'm a speaker, how do I access my session?
As a speaker, you should have received a zoom meeting link from a NACCE team member. Please use that link to join your session. If you are a speaker but not presenting, and simply want to watch other sessions, click on the "Today's Agenda" tab above to choose the session you would like to join. Zoom = presenting, NACCE Meets = attending.